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Sweet Stitches Adds the Daylight Product Line

July 1, 2020 Chesterton, IN - 

Sweet Stitches Quilt Shop is excited to announce a new product line - The Daylight Company line of lamps, magnifiers and lightbox products.

Whether you are a sewer, quilter, or just enjoy doing crafts, quality lighting is key to producing your best work and protecting your eyes.

Crafters love to relax with projects in the evenings but understand that artificial light can make it difficult to see fine detail, sew accurately and colour match correctly. The Daylight Company has designed exceptional craft lights, magnifying lamps and lightboxes since the 1980's that provide high-quality light for quilters and craftspeople alike.

Daylight lamps are engineered to simulate natural daylight, which is the best for clarity and colour matching, and the most comfortable for your eyes when doing detailed tasks.  We think you will immediately notice the difference when you experience a daylight product. And wait until you see these lightboxes with optional cutting mats! - can you say Foundation Paper Piecing?