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"With Great Fanfare" Named QOV Quilt to Represent the State of Indiana

 4/9/2018 Chesterton, IN
9/6/2018 Update

"With Great Fanfare" a quilt by Joan Crookston was selected to represent the State of Indiana in a Quilts of Valor Foundation book "Quilts of Valor, A 50 State Salute" that was published by Schiffer Publishing and is now available in shop and online by clicking here. 

The quilt was created by Joan and quilted by Judy Holden. The book will feature one quilt from each of the fifty states with a page for each quilt and quilter. "I was honored to have my design selected to represent the State of Indiana" said Joan, "The Quilts of Valor organization does such good work for a wonderful cause and I am proud to be associated with them."

Joan created the quilt as a challenge from String-A-Long Stars and Stripes local chapter chairperson Flo Schneider. Accepting the challenge and a scrap bag of fabric, Joan pieced and hand appliqued the quilt following her own design which was based off of Red, White and Blue bunting you might hang for the Fourth of July.  When completed, the quilt top was handed over to Judy who Joan says, “brought it all together with a five-pointed star pattern that has created beautiful texture in the open spaces of the quilt". 

The quilt was donated to Quilts of Valor and Flo nominated the quilt for consideration to the QOV Foundation. The quilt was judged at several levels during the selection process. Displayed for the first time at the String-A-Long Quilt Show at the Porter County Expo Center April 7 and 8th, the quilt will travel with the QOV Foundation to conferences and shows. In late summer, the quilt will return to the shop for a short time for the book release and then awarded to a veteran in thanks for their service.

Congratulations to Joan and Judy, for supporting the Quilts of Valor Foundation with this awesome display of talent and patriotism. 

"With Great Fanfare" 
Designed, Pieced and Appliqued by Joan Crookston
Quilted by Judy Holden